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GI Conduit Barton

Barton cable management products are designed, manufactured and proven to be capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, which include extremes of heat, humidity, salinity and airborne dust particles.

Barton has exported for more than 40 years with a proven track record of successful installations. All Barton conduit is Hot Dipped Galvanized inside and out to Class 4, the highest level of resistance to corrosion.


Barton conduit conforms to BS 4568/ BSEN 50086/ BSEN 61386. Barton steel conduit meets the maximum strength classification in the British Standard and can be formed on site using standard installation equipment. The internal weld bead and galvanising of the bore are strictly controlled to ensure electrical cables can be pulled through the conduit smoothly, without snagging.


Barton conduit is coded with a unique batch code providing full traceability. Each length can be tracked back to the date of manufacture and the mill certificate of the parent steel used in production.

Hot Dipped Galvanized to Class 4

Barton Class 4 conduit is Hot Dipped Galvanized, a process where steel products are coated with zinc by immersing them in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of approximately 450 °C. Trace elements of alloying metals such as lead, aluminium and nickel are included to improve fluidity and reduce dross. The alloys also assist in producing a bright silver appearance which becomes dull grey when exposed to the atmosphere. Hot Dipped Galvanizing creates a proactive and self-repairing corrosion resistance; zinc reacts in the air and forms zinc carbonate (responsible for the dull grey in appearance), which protects the steel from corrosion.

Barton Class 4 conduit is routinely inspected for corrosion, strength and bending and is independently tested by an approved laboratory.

Handling and Storage

Galvanized conduit should be stored in dry conditions with good air circulation to prevent wet stain storage (“white rust”). However, should this occur it can be easily removed and does not affect corrosion resistance.

Binding materials used to make up bundles of conduit are not intended to be used when lifting this product, which should be handled only with approved slings.