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Single Core Cables

These are flexible single-core cables designed for internal wiring in power and control panels, switchgears, relay and instrumentation panels.

The category includes cables with PVC, FR (Flame-retardant), FR-LSH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Low Halogen), HR FR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) insulated cables as per IS 694 rated for 1100V under the brand Ratnaflex Single-core cables.

PVC insulated flexible cable for 450/750V viz., H05V-K & H07V-K are available as per BS EN 50525-2-31 rated for 70°C. Similarly, H05V2-K & H07V2-K are rated for 90°C.

Polyolefin (cross-linked) halogen-free flexible single core panel wires H05Z-K & H07Z-K are catered as per BS EN 50525-3-41 rated for 90°C.

Thermoplastic halogen-free flexible single core panel wires H05Z1-K & H07Z1-K are catered as per BS EN 50525-3-31 rated for 70°C.

We also cater heat resistant BS 6231 (Type CK) cables rated for 600/1000V applicable up to 90°C (105°C for 15,000 hours).

Control Cables

This category of the product ensures absolute disturbance-free data transfer in medicine, traffic control, machine tools in steel industries, food processing industries and any such areas.

Data and communication cables are made as per VDE standards and are used for special data transmission and communication purpose. These include PVC flexible cable – LiYY which is used for free movement without tensile stress.

These cables are also available with optimum braid screen of tinned copper called ‘LiYCY’ which substantially reduces the effect of electromagnetic interference.

These cables are also available as twisted pairs as LiYY (TP) and LiYCY (TP).

Li2Y(St)CY (TP) is a data cable specially designed for MODBUS application. It is suitable for serial communication, RS 422 and RS 485 interfaces. It forms an integral part of the SCADA system. We also offer cable for 100-ohms as well as 120-ohms system.

For correct communication between numerous devices of an automation system PROFIBUS network is used. RR Kabel has PROcess FIeld BUS cable specially designed for such decentralized field systems. The cable is impedance to 150-ohms from 3 to 20 MHz.

LT Power Cables

Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. These cables generate very low smoke and are halogens free thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive equipments.

We deliver LT power cables which include an armoured and unarmoured range of products as per IS 1554 P-1 and IS 7098 P-1 with PVC and XLPE insulation respectively in aluminium or copper conductor.

For international markets, we offer cables as per BS 5467 and as per IEC 60502-1 generally known as NYY cable.

Fire and Security Cables

Fire and Security cables are categorized into 3 categories – Fire Alarm Cable, Fire Survival Cable, Single core Fire resistant cable.

FIRE ALARM CABLES are used for connection with heat detectors, smoke detectors, emergency lights, exit signboards, fire command centres and fire security systems. These cables have a metal foil shield to ensure a disturbance-free transmission of signals. These cables are made as per BS 7629-1 and tested as per EN 50200 and BS 8434 standards. They are categorized into STANDARD 30, STANDARD 60 & ENHANCED 120 depending upon their withstanding durations.

FIRE SURVIVAL CABLES are armoured cables used for power circuits in the fire panels. These are made as per BS 7846 and complies with CWZ test conditions at 950°C.

Single-core cables are designed as per BS 50525-3-41 to maintain the circuit integrity even in fire situations.

All the above cables have to be used with complete halogen-free construction