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Top Hager, Legrand, ABB, & Schneider Suppliers in UAE

Al Arz Electrical – Your Premier Destination for The Top Electrical Solutions in UAE. For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of supplying the highest quality electrical products from top brands like Hager, Legrand, ABB, & Schneider catering to a lot of needs across various sectors.

Our long-established commitment to excellence has made us the preferred choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

Let’s dive into the world of electrical brands, where quality meets reliability, and discover how we at Al Arz Electrical create the difference being the leading suppliers of  Hager, Legrand, ABB, & Schneider Stockists in UAE.

Hager Suppliers in UAE - Al Arz Electrical

Hager Suppliers in UAE: Empowering Your Spaces with Safety and Elegance

At Al Arz Electrical, we take pride in being one of the leading Hager suppliers in UAE with innovative electrical solutions. Known for its commitment to safety, reliability, and design.

Hager products in UAE are an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their electrical systems with sophistication and functionality.

From state-of-the-art circuit breakers to elegant electrical switchgear, our Hager range is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and aesthetics & that’s how we have been considered by our clients as the best Hager suppliers in UAE.

Legrand Suppliers in UAE: Redefining Modern Living

As an authorized Legrand suppliers in UAE, Al Arz Electrical brings you the essence of modern electrical infrastructure. Legrand’s offerings are synonymous with innovation, integrating seamlessly into your daily life to provide convenience, efficiency, and style.

Whether you’re upgrading your home or designing a commercial space, our Legrand collection offers solutions that embody the future of electrical design, & being the leading legrand suppliers in UAE, we are here to create a huge difference in the UAE market.

Legrand Suppliers in UAE - Al Arz Electrical
ABB Suppliers in UAE - Al Arz Electrical

ABB Suppliers in UAE: Unleashing the Power of Technology

In addition to our cutting-edge solutions, and as one of the leading ABB suppliers in UAE, Al Arz Electrical is proud to supply ABB’s pioneering electrical products.

ABB suppliers in UAE stand at the forefront of the technology, offering a range of products that are not only energy-efficient but also adapt towards reducing the environmental impact.

From advanced robotics to smart building solutions, our ABB collection is perfect for projects that demand the highest level of precision and sustainability.

Schneider Supplier in UAE: Best Energy-Efficient Schneider Stockists in UAE

As a trusted Schneider supplier in UAE, Al Arz Electrical is dedicated to providing you with the best electrical products that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.

Schneider’s innovative solutions are designed to optimize your energy usage, ensuring that your projects are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Being one of the top Schneider supplier in UAE & Schneider stockists in UAE, Our Schneider range includes everything from eco-friendly circuit breakers to energy management systems, all engineered to reduce your carbon footprint while enhancing functionality.

Schneider Supplier in UAE - Al Arz Electrical

OUR Brands

We are the No.1 supplier of branded electric products in UAE providing great product quality and reliability to our clients for 25 years. Below are a few brands from which we have been dealing since a long:

Why Choose Us As Your Hager, Legrand, ABB, & Schneider Supplier in UAE?

Experience & Expertise: With over 25 years in the industry, our deep-rooted knowledge ensures that we only offer products that meet our high standards of quality and reliability.

Diverse Range: Our comprehensive inventory includes top brands like Hager, Legrand, ABB, and Schneider, making us your one-stop destination for all electrical needs.

Customized Solutions: We understand that each project is unique & Our team is dedicated to providing you personalized solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Commitment to Sustainability: We believe in a sustainable future, which is why our product range emphasizes energy efficiency and eco-friendly options.


Contact us today for your next project with Al Arz Electrical by your side & Experience a world where quality, innovation, and sustainability meet to create unmatched electrical solutions.

Visit our website or Contact us today to learn more about our electric products and learn how we can contribute to the success of your next project as a leading Hager, Legrand, ABB & Schneider Suppliers in UAE.

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Schneider offers a wide range of contactors and protection relays (also known as electromagnetic switches) offering best-in-class safety for your motor control solutions. Designed for a variety of applications, including IEC and NEMA, they can control single or multiple circuits with different voltages, and are fully compatible with international standards. Theses include Digitalized Motor starters.


Philips delivers a wide range of high-performance professional lighting systems — empowering lighting professionals around the world to achieve their unique visions.


Narken is the brand name which produce the quality electric products for more than 23 years. Nanke Electronics is a manufacturing company specialised in the production of electrical and electronics products including AC power plug wires, plugs, conversion sockets and LED Lighting products.

R R Cables
Construction and Building Range
Single Core Cables

These are flexible single-core cables designed for internal wiring in power and control panels, switchgears, relay and instrumentation panels.

The category includes cables with PVC, FR (Flame-retardant), FR-LSH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Low Halogen), HR FR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) insulated cables as per IS 694 rated for 1100V under the brand Ratnaflex Single-core cables.

PVC insulated flexible cable for 450/750V viz., H05V-K & H07V-K are available as per BS EN 50525-2-31 rated for 70°C. Similarly, H05V2-K & H07V2-K are rated for 90°C.

Polyolefin (cross-linked) halogen-free flexible single core panel wires H05Z-K & H07Z-K are catered as per BS EN 50525-3-41 rated for 90°C.

Thermoplastic halogen-free flexible single core panel wires H05Z1-K & H07Z1-K are catered as per BS EN 50525-3-31 rated for 70°C.

We also cater heat resistant BS 6231 (Type CK) cables rated for 600/1000V applicable up to 90°C (105°C for 15,000 hours).

Control Cables

This category of the product ensures absolute disturbance-free data transfer in medicine, traffic control, machine tools in steel industries, food processing industries and any such areas.

Data and communication cables are made as per VDE standards and are used for special data transmission and communication purpose. These include PVC flexible cable – LiYY which is used for free movement without tensile stress.

These cables are also available with optimum braid screen of tinned copper called ‘LiYCY’ which substantially reduces the effect of electromagnetic interference.

These cables are also available as twisted pairs as LiYY (TP) and LiYCY (TP).

Li2Y(St)CY (TP) is a data cable specially designed for MODBUS application. It is suitable for serial communication, RS 422 and RS 485 interfaces. It forms an integral part of the SCADA system. We also offer cable for 100-ohms as well as 120-ohms system.

For correct communication between numerous devices of an automation system PROFIBUS network is used. RR Kabel has PROcess FIeld BUS cable specially designed for such decentralized field systems. The cable is impedance to 150-ohms from 3 to 20 MHz.

LT Power Cables

Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. These cables generate very low smoke and are halogens free thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive equipments.

We deliver LT power cables which include an armoured and unarmoured range of products as per IS 1554 P-1 and IS 7098 P-1 with PVC and XLPE insulation respectively in aluminium or copper conductor.

For international markets, we offer cables as per BS 5467 and as per IEC 60502-1 generally known as NYY cable.

Fire and Security Cables

Fire and Security cables are categorized into 3 categories – Fire Alarm Cable, Fire Survival Cable, Single core Fire resistant cable.

FIRE ALARM CABLES are used for connection with heat detectors, smoke detectors, emergency lights, exit signboards, fire command centres and fire security systems. These cables have a metal foil shield to ensure a disturbance-free transmission of signals. These cables are made as per BS 7629-1 and tested as per EN 50200 and BS 8434 standards. They are categorized into STANDARD 30, STANDARD 60 & ENHANCED 120 depending upon their withstanding durations.

FIRE SURVIVAL CABLES are armoured cables used for power circuits in the fire panels. These are made as per BS 7846 and complies with CWZ test conditions at 950°C.

Single-core cables are designed as per BS 50525-3-41 to maintain the circuit integrity even in fire situations.

All the above cables have to be used with complete halogen-free construction


Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F Rubber Flexibles are designed to provide excellent flexibility during usage. These cables can withstand weather, medium mechanical and thermal stress. They exhibit very good oil resistance property.


Ducab supplies wide range of cables with high quality Copper Rod produced from copper casting plant – the first of its kind in the UAE. Ducab Copper Rod mill has a capacity of 110,000 tonnes per year and converts Copper Cathode into 8mm diameter Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper Rod as per BS EN 1977:1998 and ASTM-B49-08a suitable to produce.

Ducab HV offers turnkey cable system solutions:
  • Supplies XLPE insulated power cables from 60kV – 500kV
  • Conductors in either copper or aluminium
  • Conductor sizes from 150mm2 – 2500mm2
  • Cables are currently finished with a combination of either a lead sheath and copper wire screen or a laminated sheath and copper wire screen

Medium Voltage cables are triple layered insulated and manufactured for a voltage range of 6kV to 33 kV as per IEC and BS specifications. Ducab’s Medium Voltage range of cables includes:


Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. These cables generate very low smoke and are halogens free thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive equipments.

Ducab’s Fire performance cables improves safety, reduces fire damages to buildings or equipments and provides extra time to escape during fire. Ducab’s range of Fire performance cables includes:


Instrumentation and Control cables are used for data transfer or control circuits. Widely used across the OGP industries these cables are manufactured to BS and IEC standards. Upon request, Ducab can manufacture Special Cables as per national and international specifications. Our range of Instrumentation and Control cables includes:


Ducab connect offers a comprehensive range of cable connecting solutions for the Industrial, Utilities and OGP (onshore and offshore) market sectors, including control, instrumentation and LV & MV power cable applications. Ducab’s product range Includes Cable Glands, Connector & Tooling, Cleats & Cable Fixings and Cable Joints & Terminations.


Hager have a wide range of market leading electrical distribution solutions to complete your residential and commercial projects from start to finish.

Devices such as switches, RCCBs etc. in distribution boards and consumer units may have historically had their rated current determined after having taken diversity into account but without having considered overload protection of the devices. These devices do not provide protection against overload and the 18th Edition prescribes that overload protection of the switch or RCCB shall not solely be based on the use of diversity factors of the downstream circuits.


Interplast is the leading manufacturer of electrical systems in the Middle East with an extensive product range covering Decoduct cable management systems. Decoduct cable management systems include conduits, trunking, accessories, industrial management systems in PVC & metal. All products are designed and manufactured with strict compliances to ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems and strong commitment to quality and service. The products are manufactured to the Gulf and International specifications.

duroduct flexible conduit
PVC Flexible Conduits
duroduct rigid conduit
PVC Flexible Conduits
duroduct conduit accessories1
PVC Conduit Accessories
duroduct conduit accessories
PVC Accessories

Legrand is the world’s largest manufacturer of switches and sockets, the world leader, not only in manufacturing capability, but also in the tenets of design and technology. Choose from slim and stylish, smart, weather resistant and more. Catalogues of few commonly used Models are below.

GI Conduit Barton

Barton cable management products are designed, manufactured and proven to be capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, which include extremes of heat, humidity, salinity and airborne dust particles.

Barton has exported for more than 40 years with a proven track record of successful installations. All Barton conduit is Hot Dipped Galvanized inside and out to Class 4, the highest level of resistance to corrosion.


Barton conduit conforms to BS 4568/ BSEN 50086/ BSEN 61386. Barton steel conduit meets the maximum strength classification in the British Standard and can be formed on site using standard installation equipment. The internal weld bead and galvanising of the bore are strictly controlled to ensure electrical cables can be pulled through the conduit smoothly, without snagging.


Barton conduit is coded with a unique batch code providing full traceability. Each length can be tracked back to the date of manufacture and the mill certificate of the parent steel used in production.

Hot Dipped Galvanized to Class 4

Barton Class 4 conduit is Hot Dipped Galvanized, a process where steel products are coated with zinc by immersing them in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of approximately 450 °C. Trace elements of alloying metals such as lead, aluminium and nickel are included to improve fluidity and reduce dross. The alloys also assist in producing a bright silver appearance which becomes dull grey when exposed to the atmosphere. Hot Dipped Galvanizing creates a proactive and self-repairing corrosion resistance; zinc reacts in the air and forms zinc carbonate (responsible for the dull grey in appearance), which protects the steel from corrosion.

Barton Class 4 conduit is routinely inspected for corrosion, strength and bending and is independently tested by an approved laboratory.

Handling and Storage

Galvanized conduit should be stored in dry conditions with good air circulation to prevent wet stain storage (“white rust”). However, should this occur it can be easily removed and does not affect corrosion resistance.

Binding materials used to make up bundles of conduit are not intended to be used when lifting this product, which should be handled only with approved slings.


Legrand is the world’s largest manufacturer of switches and sockets, the world leader, not only in manufacturing capability, but also in the tenets of design and technology. Choose from slim and stylish, smart, weather resistant and more. Catalogues of few commonly used Models are below.


Milano – Italy having a decade of experience in design, production and distribution of Sanitary ware and Faucets in global market. Milano is offering a wide selection of products for every need be it for a world class project or for a discerning home buyer. Milano Italy is an Italian company, with its registered office in Milano, Italy.


Pegler is a truly worldwide market leading brand for commercial valves, with a history and pedigree that is second to none. The Pegler brand has been a major force in valves for over 100 years and is continuing development in todays’ markets by offering valves with heat free end connections. Press fit and Push fit connection options now complement its traditional threaded, compression and flanged valve options. Optimally designed, traditional full way valves in the Pegler Commercial range are designed for long trouble free service.

  • Available in brass, DZR brass, bronze and cast/ductile iron.
  • Choice of threaded, push fit, press fit, compression and flanged connections.
  • Lock shield versions are available where indicated (key operated, purchase separately).
  • Non rising stems
  • Cast iron/ Ductile iron valves have stainless steel stems and bronze trim.
  • WRAS approved where stated.
RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics is one of the largest sanitaryware brands in the world. Specialising in sanitaryware RAK Ceramics produce 5 million pieces of sanitaryware per year at their 22 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India and Bangladesh. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, RAK Ceramics serve clients in more than 150 countries through network of operational hubs in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, North and South America and Australia.