Which cables should be used for cryptocurrency applications

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Digital money based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is referred to as cryptocurrency. It is encrypted and distributed over decentralized networks. Given the rising amount of computer calculations required to mine Bitcoin, high-quality connections are often required. Al Arz Electricals is a reputable Electrical Cable Suppliers in UAE, providing a diverse selection of supplies to fulfill the demands of cryptocurrency mining and assure a successful mining operation.

Cables’ Function in Data Processing Centers

Cable systems are an important component of data processing centers. These systems build and connect the networks that enable communications such as bitcoin transactions. 

The growth of Bitcoin mining has produced a slew of new issues for data centers. Miners require high-speed devices with the capacity to execute the necessary computations since they frequently need to go through millions of permutations to locate Bitcoin. As a result, to satisfy these rising demands, data centers must develop and implement new technologies, such as improved cabling systems from a reputable Electrical Cable Supplier

Types of Cables in Use 

Depending on the demands of the data processing center, cable systems might be organized or unstructured. Copper cables and fiber optic cables are two of the most often utilized cables due to their low cost and power consumption, as well as their high transmission rate and dependability. Data processing centers used for Bitcoin mining require dependable and flexible cable infrastructure that can constantly send data at high speeds. Other important characteristics of a data processing center are portability, grounding capability, and stability.

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The following cable systems are used in data centers: 

  • Cable assemblies

Cable assemblies are groups of wires or cables that are encased in tough outer sheaths. The sheath shields the wires and cables from potentially damaging environmental conditions. 

  • Wire harnesses

Wire harnesses are made out of wires, cables, or a combination of wires and cables that are encased in lightweight sheaths. While the sheath protects the wires and cables, its primary function is to keep them organized. As a result, these cable systems are best utilized in interior situations where extreme circumstances are unlikely.

  • Power cords

Power cords are intended to carry electricity from the source to the connected device. 

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Electrical Applications: Stranded Wire vs. Solid Wire

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Wires, both solid and stranded, are commonly used in electrical equipment such as cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Solid wires have a solid core, whereas stranded wires are made up of multiple thinner wires twisted together to form a bundle. Each offers various advantages, with the best option for a given application depending on the project’s specifics. Amperage load, Use case, Prices, Metal kind, Wire gauge, and, most significantly, selecting a dependable Electrical Cable Supplier such as Al Arz Electrical in UAE are some of the elements that may affect the choice between stranded vs. solid wire.

Understanding the distinctions between the two kinds of wires might assist you in selecting the best solution for your needs. The following details should aid in the choosing process.

What does stranded wire do?

These small, coiled wires are compressed and insulated using non-conductive materials. Since the stranded wire is more flexible, it may be bent and twisted to fit into intricate shapes and connect electrical components in small spaces. Stranded wire is less prone to split or sever because it is more malleable and softer than solid wire. Circuit boards, speaker lines, and electrical devices are widely utilized indoors with it.

What is Solid Wire?

Stranded wire is much lighter and thinner than solid metal core wire. It is ideal for outdoor applications that require increased durability and higher currents. This robust, low-cost wire is resistant to harsh weather, extreme weather conditions, and frequent transit. Large currents are commonly transported through infrastructural development, automobile management, and a range of different applications.

The main distinctions between solid and stranded wires

When contrasting stranded and solid wire, it is vital to consider the benefits and drawbacks of the two distinctly different types of wire. Based on how various wire qualities relate to their intended use and project requirements, a comparison reduces the available possibilities. The requirements for flexibility, weather resistance, and resistance to splitting or severing must first be ascertained for your application. Choose the wire that best meets those specifications next.

Important differences between stranded and solid copper wire include the following:

  • stranded wire’s lower current capacity compared to solid wire

The solid cable has less surface area for dissipation because of its thickness. More dissipation occurs because thinner wires in the stranded wire have a greater surface area and air gaps than individual strands. In in-house wiring, solid wire outperforms stranded wire in terms of current capacity.

  • Routing

Stranded wires are easier to bend and bend around objects than solid wires because they are more adjustable and pliable.

  • Flexibility

Stranded wires are often more stretchy than solid wires, allowing them to take more vibrations and stretch without breaking. Solid wires may need to be replaced more frequently than stranded wires in circumstances where there is a lot of movement or vibration.

  • Cost

Solid wire has lower production costs than stranded wire, making it the most cost-effective option.

  • Manufacturing simplicity

Because solid wire has a single core, it is significantly easier to produce. Stranded wires need more sophisticated production techniques to connect the thinner wires.

  • Distance

Solid wires are a superior alternative for longer distances since they dissipate less current. Stranded wire works effectively over short distances.

  • Superiority

When it refers to stranded versus solid wire, there is no clear winner. Each strategy has distinct advantages in certain situations.

Al Arz Electrical Wire & Cable Wire Solutions

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For many years, Al Arz Electrical has been a leading Electrical Socket Suppliers and a well-known manufacturer of high-quality standard and bespoke electronic wire, molded cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, cable, and power supply cables.

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Have Electrical Equipment for Every Construction Project in UAE


Construction projects in the United Arab Emirates are complex and require a vast range of equipment and tools, including a range of electrical equipment. Electrical equipment suppliers in UAE are essential for construction projects, from lighting and power tools to safety equipment and communication systems. In this blog, we will discuss the five must-have electrical equipment for every construction project in UAE.

  1. Generators

Generators are a critical piece of equipment for construction projects, particularly in areas where there is limited access to power sources. They are commonly used to power tools, lighting, and other electrical equipment on construction sites. Generators come in various sizes, ranging from small portable units to larger models that can power an entire construction site. When choosing a generator, it is essential to consider the power output, fuel efficiency, and noise level to ensure that it meets the project’s specific requirements.

  1. Power Tools

Power tools are essential for any construction project, and electrical power tools offer significant benefits over their manual counterparts. They are faster and more efficient, allowing workers to complete tasks quickly and effectively. Common electrical power tools used in construction include drills, saws, sanders, and grinders. When choosing power tools for a construction project, it is essential to consider the tool’s power output, durability, and safety features.

  1. Lighting Equipment

Proper lighting is essential for construction sites, especially during night work or in areas with limited natural light. Lighting equipment includes temporary lightings, such as portable lights and light towers, as well as permanent lighting installations. When choosing lighting equipment, it is essential to consider the power output, durability, and energy efficiency of the lights, as well as the area that needs to be illuminated.

  1. Safety Equipment

Safety is a top priority on construction sites, and electrical safety equipment is essential to protect workers from electrical hazards. Safety equipment includes protective gear such as gloves, helmets, and safety glasses, as well as more specialized equipment such as voltage detectors and insulation testers. When choosing safety equipment, it is essential to consider the specific hazards of the project and ensure that the equipment meets the necessary safety standards.

  1. Communication Systems

Effective communication is vital on construction sites, particularly on large-scale projects with multiple teams and contractors. Communication systems include radios and intercom systems, which allow workers to communicate with each other and coordinate tasks effectively. When choosing communication systems, it is essential to consider the range and reliability of the system, as well as any additional features that may be required, such as noise cancellation or hands-free operation.

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Conclusion on Best Electrical Equipment Suppliers in UAE

Partnering with a reliable and reputable electrical equipment supplier in UAE is essential for any construction project, and Al Arz Electrical is undoubtedly one of the best Electrical Suppliers in Dubai. They offer a wide range of electrical equipment and supplies like Electrical Cable Supplier, including generators, power tools, lighting equipment, safety equipment, and communication systems. They are known for their competitive pricing, high-quality products, technical expertise, and convenient services.

Partnering with Al Arz Electrical can provide construction companies with a range of benefits, including access to a wide range of electrical equipment and supplies, competitive pricing, high-quality products, technical expertise, and convenient services. Their team of experienced professionals can provide advice and support to contractors and project managers, helping them choose the right equipment for their specific project needs.

Al Arz Electrical is the best electrical supplier in UAE for construction companies, that need reliable, efficient, and high-quality electrical equipment and supplies. By partnering with Al Arz Electrical, construction companies can ensure that their projects are completed safely, efficiently, and on time.

Electrical Cable Supplier – Types of Wire

Electrical Cable Supplier Provides various kinds of wire mostly made of aluminum or copper. The conductive materials are then protected by wires that supply electricity to different parts of your house.

If you’re making changes to your wiring, deciding on the correct wire or cable can be half the task. However, when looking at the old wiring in your house by identifying the wire’s type will tell you much about the circuit it is connected to (for instance, when you access a junction box and are trying to figure out the wires that go where). The wiring for modern homes is fairly standard, and the majority of houses built post-1960 have similar wiring. New electrical installations require the installation of new wiring that is compliant with the local building codes.

Below, you can learn about the various kinds of electrical wires used in homes to determine the most suitable solution for carrying out electrical projects safely and correctly.

The NM cable

Cable often identified as “Romex” in reference to a popular brand name Nonmetallic (NM) cables are a form of circuit wiring that is designed to be used in interior dry areas. It is the most commonly used kind of wiring used in modern houses. It is made up of at least two wires that are wrapped in a plastic sheath. NM cable typically contains at least one of the “hot” (current-carrying) wires as well as a neutral wire and the ground wire.

They have insulated the colours white (usually neutral) and black (usually hot) to make them suitable for installation. The majority of NM cables are tube shaped that is flattened and runs invisibly through the ceiling, walls and floor cavities of your house.

UF Cable


An underground Feeder (UF) can be described as a form of non-metallic cable that is designed for wet environments as well as direct burial in the ground. It is used most often to supply outdoor lighting, like lampposts. As with the standard NM cable UF includes insulated neutral and hot wires as well as an insulated copper ground wire. However, while the sheathing of NM cable is a distinct polymer wrap UF the sheathing for cable is made of solid plastic and is wrapped around every wire. This kind of electrical wire is also more costly than NM wire due to its long-lasting insulation. UF cables are typically sold with grey outer sheathing.

UF cable can also be utilized to connect major circuits It also carries an extremely high voltage for as long as the circuits are powered.


THHN and THWN are codes for the two most popular types of insulated wires utilized in conduits. Contrary to NM cable, where there are two or more individual insulation-free conductors (copper or aluminum) wrapped in the plastic sheathing, THHN, as well as THWN, are both single conductors, each having its own coloured insulation. Instead of being secured with NM cable sheathing, they will be shielded by tubular plastic or metal conduit.

Conduit is typically employed in unfinished areas like garages and basements and also for shorter exposed runs within the home for wiring connections for garbage disposals as well as water heaters. They typically come with similar costs in comparison to NM wire (plus the cost of the conduit). The letters represent specific characteristics of the insulation of the wire:

Low-Voltage Wire

Low-voltage wiring is utilized for circuits that usually require 50 voltages or less. A few common kinds are landscape lighting wires as well as sprinkler system connections, bell wiring (for doorbells) as well as speaker system wires and thermostat wires. The sizes of wires vary from 22 gauges up to 12 gauges. These wires are made from aluminum or copper. Low-voltage wires are typically covered in insulation and are often contained in cable sheathing or with twisted pairs like lamp cord wire. It is only used for low-voltage purposes. They are usually very small wires, which are distinct from regular circuit wiring. Their prices are usually lower than the other wires used in homes.

Extreme shocks are rare in low-voltage wiring, however, it’s always advisable to shut off any devices prior to using them.

When replacing wiring in your house or installing new electrical wires it is essential to select the correct kind. Be sure to select an electrical cable specifically designed for the purpose you want to use it for. Al Arz Electrical Ware Trading is the most reliable Electrical Equipment Suppliers in UAE that is a subsidiary of the GK Group of Companies; we also serve best Electric Suppliers in Dubai.